In the field of prevention of child sexual abuse, the Independent Commissioner currently focuses on:

  • The Initiative “No Room for Abuse” – the objective of the Initiative is that all institutions and organisations in Germany, such as schools, nurseries, homes, sports clubs, clinics and churches introduce protection concepts for prevention and intervention. They should become places which offer children and adolescents effective protection from sexual violence. The Initiative is directed at all those working in institutions and organisations. It emphasises the importance of those in positions of leadership, so that there is success in recognising responsibility for child protection. Protection concepts strengthen full-time staff and volunteers in their role as a competent contact person, with whom children and adolescents can find support and someone to confide in. If prevention and intervention measures are developed with care and customized to the individual institutions, the scope for potential perpetrators is limited and the culture of attentiveness is improved. (in German)

  • The Initiative: "Schools against Sexual Violence"

    “Schools against Sexual Violence” is an initiative of the Independent Commissioner of the federal government in cooperation with the 16 Ministries of Culture of the German federal states. With this initiative, the more than 30,000 schools in Germany are to be provided with technical support and encouraged to develop concepts to protect against sexual violence and to integrate these into everyday school life. The aim is to break down insecurities and, by means of prevention and intervention measures, better protect girls and boys and offer them rapid assistance. (in German)

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The Telephone Helpline

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