Sexual Abuse Help Portal

Victims and survivors of sexual abuse and their relatives have an entitlement to assistance. Talking about sexual abuse can be very stressful. Counselling and therapy are however important steps to be able to process abuse. The Sexual Abuse Help Portal provides assistance in the search for support programmes.

Direct link to Sexual Abuse Help Portal (in German, some of the information is also available in English)

Who is the Help Portal intended for?

The Sexual Abuse Help Portal is the central federal portal for people who have suffered sexual abuse in their childhood or adolescence, and their relatives. The service is mainly aimed at adults. However, children and adolescents can also find information here, which is tailored to their needs. In addition, the portal provides information for professionals.

What type of information is provided by the Help Portal?

Victims and survivors and their relatives can find counselling centres and available therapies in their immediate vicinity. However, they also receive information on legal matters: for example, what happens in criminal proceedings, and how experts can guide and support them in these cases.

At the same time, the help portal offers professionals comprehensive information and recommendations, for example, on how protection concepts for children can be developed and implemented.

The Telephone Helpline

The Telephone Helpline

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